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Date: 20th September 2016
Home Security Robot Cleaner With HD Camera
Grit Technology is very skillful at producing home security robot cleaner with hd camera among those world well-known such manufacturers and suppliers in China, who can offer you home security robot cleaner with hd camera wholesale service. Welcome to buy the convenient home security robot cleaner with hd camera with our factory.Yubot,the best home security robot cleaner with HD camera which can clean and guard your home.Main Functions: 1. ?APP Remote ControlIn a key to connect Yubot via "Huiba" app under 3G/4G/LTE or WIFI environment, you can find your family immediately and talk with them freely, help them to clean the house and view the family dynamic. Yubot, let you feel the family accompany whenever and wherever you are.2. Remote Video CallIn a key to connect Yubot via Huiba" app under 3G/4G/LTE or WIFI environment, you can chat with your family smoothly and clearly. When you want to meet and chat with your family, you just need to call Yubot.3. Smart Security AlarmThe door magnet of Yubot can report the door status timely in 24 hours,the users will check the status by Yubot. Yubot at home, less worries and more assurance.4.Intelligent Cleaning In a key to connect Yubot via "Huiba" app under 3G/4G/LTE or WIFI environment, Yubot can clean the floor automatically like a man. Yubot has good performances such as auto-recharging, anti-falling and anti-collion,15 degree obstacle crossing.5. Infrared Night Vision FunctionYubot will run night vision function automatically at night or under darkness condition, which let you can "see" everything clearly in house, even the garbage under the bed or sofa.6. Multiplayer ControlThe administrator of Yubot can invite more users to connect Yubot, and all users can connect Yubot to clean the floor, chat with the family members, make video call and receive door magnet reports.7?Connection RemindingThe music will ring with indicator light flashing when someone tries to connect it. 8. System Auto-updateYubot system can be updated automatically in order to extend utility function and improve the user?s experience.Technology Advantage: 1?Network Environment Adapting?Yubot can adjust network resolution and frame rate automatically to guarantee the best voice and video call experience. Video Definition: The highest resolution can reach 1080x720P due to network adaptive technology. Video Frame-Rate: The highest FPS can reach 30 frames per second due to network adaptive????? technology.2?Automatic Noise Reduction/ Echo cancellationYubot can quickly distinguish the noise and echo within 3 seconds when the user operates it.3?Multiple Information SecurityA. Multiple security measures, encryption techniques and security protocols ensure your family privacy.B. International security encryption technology guarantees the secure transmission of audio and videoC. No server storage transmission ensures the user privacy safety.4?Yubot System NetworkYubot can link one more doors magnet via its system network and monitor the doors and windows simultaneously.5. Low Energy Consumption24 hours standby, just 6 kWh per month. The battery of door magnet can last at least seven months, no need to replace it frequently.6?Multi-areas Server NodeYubot set server nodes in many countries or areas to ensure the smooth users connection.